Berggids Roeland van Oss beklimt de Manaslu

29 september heeft berggids Roeland van Oss de top van Manalsu in Nepal beklommen.


"What an amazing mountain and an amazing climb! Still have a hard time believing we did it!" Woensdag 4 oktober kwam het bericht dat berggids Roeland van Oss de top van Manaslu (8156 m) in Nepal heeft beklommen samen met zijn vriendin Sanna Raistakka. Op 29 september bereikten ze de top zonder extra zuurstof en zonder de hulp van sherpa's. Voor Roeland is het zijn tweede poging ooit om een 8000-er te beklimmen.

Summiting of Manaslu

Sanna's post op haar facebook: “Dear all,we are happy to share our news of successful summiting of Manaslu on the 29th of September. It was a result of weeks of hard work on the mountain, which fortunately gave us a moment on the summit alone. Conditions were good despite the fierce wind off the summit and we made it up and all the way to base camp in a 19hr push. The very next day we started our four day walk out,reaching civilization (& wifi;) a few hours ago. Needless to say we are exhausted yet overjoyed at reaching our goal safely. Thanks for everyone's support and encouragement during this epic project. It has been an amazing journey! X

De Manaslu is de op zeven na hoogste berg in de wereld. De bergtop is gelegen in de Gorkha Himal in het Nepalese deel van de Himalaya.

Foto's van Facebook Sanna Mari. Volg Roeland via Facebook.